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Written by Daniel

Stop Reading - Start Testing

If there is one thing I have learnt recently about A/B testing, it is this:

Stop reading about testing and start...testing

I have a habit of reading all of the top A/B Testing/Conversion blogs and using their ideas and tests as starting points for my own.


This gives poor results and something that is not matched or aligned to your own website, marketing, or growth goals.

So instead, try this as a start:

  1. Get some paper and a pen
  2. Write what your goals are (pick 3)
  3. Look at the data you have so far
  4. Set a goal (this click through rate could improve, this conversation rate could be higher, this sign up rate could be better)
  5. Test that

Of course it's kind of odd for me to say stop reading and then expect you to read this post but you get the idea.

Test YOUR aims, ideas, and goals. Spend 5 mins thinking - you will find some.

Written by Daniel

Where Can I Park - #1

Living in Stockholm has its positives, but parking sucks.

There are three types of people in Stockholm:

  1. Those who pay for a long-term space
  2. Those who pay for private parking
  3. Those who find somewhere to park on the street

And number 3 is the most difficult, and I suck at finding a space to park. What's more, Stockholm has 'cleaning nights', where certain streets are closed for parking so the council can clean the streets, and street clearners can get through. What sucks is finding a space and then finding this street is closed for the night.

So I wanted to change that. I am building a very simple app, that will

It is still in progress. See what you think. Hoping to do some more work on this over the weekend.

Written by Daniel

The Advantages of Guest Blogging and Networking

I have been experimenting more with guest blogging, not as an SEO method but as a PR and Networking tool.

At Sinch, use a tool called Mention to track brand mentions in channels like social media, blogs, etc. I managed to make contact with their community manager and discussed the posibility of writing a few guest articles about digital marketing tools and small tips for busy startups and small businesses.

In the past, most of my articles have just been posted on the original site, and I get a few comments and social shares. But in this case, I was super lucky to hit a gem of an article.

I wrote an article called '7 digital marketing solutions for every startup’s needs', which was then picked up by The Next Web and posted on their website. 2100 share and 29 comments later, I had a very successful article!

So my lesson is network. You never know where your content will go and you never know how a good relationship can have great results.

Speak soon!

Daniel Reed

Written by Daniel

Hello World (again)

I have lost count of how many times I have redesigned and developed my blog and website, but the answer is too many times.

I digress.

I am Daniel Reed. Digital Marketing Manager and Head of Digital Growth at Sinch, a mobile communications startup based in Stockholm, Sweden. Over the past 4 years, I have been working with B2B and B2C websites, in the Recruitment, eCommerce, Art and Design, and Mobile markets.

This time, things are getting real. My blog is going to be a growth hackers dream, full of ideas, tips and guides on what has worked well for me now and in the past. I'll publish whenever I can and hopefully, some of it will be interesting.

If you have any questions or are looking for ideas and advice, email me at hello[at]

Speak soon!

Daniel Reed

Written by Daniel

6 ways to use psychology to boost app engagement

I have been really interested in psychology and specifically web and app psychology for a while now. When writing a blog for Sinch a few months back, I wrote an article called '6 ways to use psychology to boost app engagement' which I was quite proud of, and it got some good traction for us.

So I was more than impressed when The Next Web reached out to me and asked to republish the article on their website!

For anyone that has been published on TNW (this is my second time), your Twitter feed will blow up. I remember the first time that I had an article published, I did not know until my phone kept alerting me that I was getting a lot of mentions and retweets.

You can read the article on TNW, and read the original here.

Speak soon!

Daniel Reed