I'm Daniel Reed

Digital Marketing - Growth Hacker - Hobby Coder

Google Analytics and AdWords Certified

Daniel Reed

About Me

Hey, I am Daniel Reed.

For the past 4 years, I have been working with digital marketing, tech and start-ups. I am currently in Head of Digital Marketing at Sinch - a developer communicatons platform and start-up.

Since 2011, I have been working with SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media, CRO & A/B Testing, and Web Development to boost digital traffic and user growth.

For more details and a closer look at my resumé, take a look at my LinkedIn page.



Sinch is a developer communications platform, making it easy for developers to add Voice, Verification, Video, SMS, and IM to their apps. I am currently Head of Digital Marketing, focusing on digital acquisition as well as user activation and retention for our developer community.

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Everything Sweden

Everything Sweden is a content marketing project I started back in 2014. The aim is to make a resource for expats living in Sweden, looking to move to Sweden, or anyone who has questions about Sweden. Most of the resources out there were out dated, poorly optimised, or in Swedish, making it hard for non-Swedes to get started in Sweden.

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M by Malin

M by Malin is a Swedish artist and designer working with amazing watercolours and oil paintings. She also works with graphic design and graphic profiling for brands in Sweden and the UK. I have been working with her to build and maintain her portfolio website.

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Want to learn more and talk? Find me networking on LinkedIn, tweeting on Twitter, writing code on GitHub, and doing nothing on Google +. Or just email me.